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Introducing The Next Step in Business Process Management Solutions for Mortgage Origination, Loan Servicing and Deposit or Wealth Management

Create flexible workflow to automate financial product development and management for retail and commercial mortgages, prime and sub-prime lending products, as well as deposit or wealth management products with no programmer intervention.

ARMnetAs a member of the financial services industry institutions constantly face multiple challenges and relentless changes managing customers and regulatory requirements. Manual practices, disjointed processes, speed-to-market constraints on product development, lack of audit trails and inefficient legacy loan origination systems (LOS) are just a few of the hurdles lenders and other financial services providers must overcome. These issues continue to have a significant impact on a financial institution's ability to maintain its competitive edge and reduce costs while also focusing on improving profitability.

With ARMnet (Axcess Relationship Management)Integrated Banking Software, financial services institutions can build flexible decision automation services that:

  • Enhance Operational Efficiencies,
  • Optimize Credit Decisioning & Servicing Processes, and
  • Improve Customer Acquisition and Retention.
  • Allow Clients or Brokers to Dynamically Interact Using The Integrated Web Portal.

ARMnet Integrated Banking Software goes beyond basic software automation by enabling advanced loan origination and other financial product decisioning capabilities to automate product guidelines and regulatory policies along with lenders’ best practices and knowledge. Within ARMnet all financial product management changes on loan origination, loan servicing, or asset management product development can be achieved using the expertise of a Business Analyst. As market conditions change a BA can optimize or launch products easily eliminating the need for any programmer intervention to achieve this. The ROI of this point alone cannot be overstated.

At Axcess Canada, we see many different types of institutions benefiting from this technology in either a traditional "bricks and mortar" or a "virtual web based" corporate environment including:

  • Financial Business Process Management (BPM) Firms
  • Residential or Commercial Mortgage Origination and Servicing Firms
  • Payday Loan or Cash Advance Firms
  • Equipment or Vehicle Financing Firms (Loan or Leasing)
  • Dealer Financing and Fleet Management Institutions
  • Retail, Commercial or Agricultural Banking Institutions
  • de novo Banking Institutions
  • Credit Unions or Community Banking Institutions
  • Trust Companies
  • Microfinance or Alternative Peer to Peer Banking Institutions

The objective of our platform is to provide an institution with an intuitive structure that follows a sound Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) with solid Business Process Management (BPM) capabilities. This is a method of efficiently aligning an organization with the wants and needs of their clients or members. It is in many respects a holistic management approach that promotes business effectiveness and efficiency while striving for innovation, flexibility and integration with technology. As organizations strive for attainment of their objectives, BPM attempts to continuously improve processes - the process to define, measure and improve your processes – a ‘process optimization' analysis. As has been noted with ARMnet Integrated Financial Product Management Solution this is achieved through the use of Business Analysts trained to define and map these processes and recognize areas where optimization can be achieved. ARMnet Integrated Banking Software technology can be used throughout the decisioning process and across all lines of financial services products, such as:

  • Prime or Sub-Prime Mortgages or Loans including
    • Residential Mortgage Products
    • Commercial Mortgage Products
    • Variable Rate Mortgage Products
    • Construction Financing Mortgage Products
    • Agricultural Loan Products
    • Home Equity Lines of Credit (HELOC)
    • Secured and Unsecured Lines of Credit
    • Bridge Financing Loan Products
    • Consumer Loan Products
    • RRSP Saving Loan Products
    • Government or Student Loan Products
    • One Account Loan Products
  • Payday Loans or Cash Advances
  • Open or Closed Loop Debit or Credit Cards (Including Prepaid MasterCard® or Visa®),
  • Auto or Equipment Loans or Leases,
  • GIC or Term Deposits Products
  • Investment or Wealth Management Products (Both RRSP and Non Registered)
  • Creditor Insurance Products Including:
    • Creditor Life Insurance
    • Creditor Critical Illness Insurance
    • Creditor Disability Insurance
    • Creditor Interruption Unemployment Insurance

It also automates critical decisions, such as pre-qualification processes, underwriting, pricing, deal structuring, cross-selling, best execution practices, credit scoring, risk grading and compliance procedures. Even loan products such as the "One Account" which was actually created originally in the UK and Australia can be easily managed in this application.

ARMnet Integrated Banking Software can be customized for any size financial institution in any type financial product channel. Built on a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) foundation, this guarentees a more intuitive, responsive and compliant structure for managing customer data and responding to their needs.

eTM™ Electronic Transaction Machines

We can further extend the benefits of ARMnet to our clients through through direct integration to the Communiteq Systems Inc eTM™ or Electronic Transaction Machines. These multipurpose touch screen kiosks are integrated with ARMnet technology allowing us to now provide the ability for clients to apply online through an eTM for a Payday or Term Loan, cash a cheque or purchase a Prepaid MasterCard or Visa Card.

The Unattended Teller Kiosk allow us to connect back to a call centre and provide a full experience with a loan officer via a VoIP handset and webcam. In doing so we can extend the footprint of an Alternative Banking Instituition to the virtual environment unlike any other solution in the Canadian marketplace. As a result this is a multipurpose ATM Kiosk solution that can generate more transactional revenue from the same retail space than any standard ATM machine would normally provide including:

  • ATM or Foreign Currency Teller Services
  • Payday Loans
  • Cash Advance Loans
  • Term Loan Products
  • Lifestyle Loan Products
  • Prepaid Visa® or MasterCard® Issuance and Reloading
  • Gift Card & Loyalty Card Dispensing & Charging
  • Prepaid Cellular Phone Card PIN's
  • Prepaid Long Distance Phone Card PIN's
  • Telpay Utility Bill Payment Services
  • Money Transfer
  • Credit Insurance Products
  • Emergency Travel Accident & Sickness Products
  • eTenant Rent Payment Solutions and RFID Laundry Cards
  • Transit or Event Ticketing,
  • Lottery Ticket Issuance and Validation
  • Coupon Dispensing
  • Fast Food Ordering
  • Coupons On Demand
  • Surveys and Web Sites
  • Custom or Third Party Applications

Using a web cam and VoIP solutions in the kiosk we connect the customer directly to a clients call centre environment to support the application or servicing of any financial products or services.

The Benefits of Our eTM™ Unattented Teller Kiosks?

  • Currently this is the only Unattended Teller (UAT) Kiosk in Canada currently registered by the Visa® association to internally dispense prepaid cards,
  • This is the only Unattended Kiosk in Canada that can do both Interac™ Debit and Visa® and MasterCard® Credit Card Transactions,
  • The eTM™ Kiosk is EMV Chip and Pin certified on Interac™ Network and PCI Compliant on Visa ®& MasterCard® Networks,
  • The eTM™ Kiosk supports foreign currency services and can dispense two currencies in 1,000 or 2,000 note dispensers with up to 4 dispensers in the vault,
  • Using a web cam and a VoIP phone the kiosk can connect the customer to a call centre environment to support any loan, cheque cashing or other related financial product,
  • The eTM™ Kiosk appearance and functionality can be customized to any customer requirements from the color of the steel fabrication powder coating to the software on the touch screen.
  • Individual kiosk software and hardware functions can be turned-on or turned-off allowing for a staged implementation,
  • The eTM™ Kiosk is proven technology with an installed base currently operating in both Canada and the United States. Further expansion into the United Kingdom, Australia and the Caribbean is currently under way as well.

For further information or a full demonstration of ARMnet or our eTM™ Unattended Teller Kiosks contact us today at 1-705-719-5660 or online at

Efficient Loan Origination & Integrated Financial Product Management Solutions for the Canadian Banking & Financial Services Sectors.

ARMnet Financial Product Management Solutions –
“Tomorrow’s Financial Product Management Solutions, Here Today.”

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