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ARMnet Financial SoftwareTo access the news releases related to Axcess Canada and it's global partner and Axcess Consulting Pty Ltd., or the ARMnet Financial Product Management Solution we provide please download the enclosed news release articles from the web links defined below below.

For further information on Axcess Canada, the ARMnet Integrated Banking Software or to arrange a demonstration of the solution please contact us via email at or by telephone at 1-888-883-2852 Extension 401.

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Axcess 2016 Announcements

Bermuda Police Services, Crime Incident Analysis, Memex ERP, CaelumOne ECM, Enterprise Content ManagementDecember 22, 2016 Hamilton Bermuda: Axcess Canada and it's subsidiary CaelumOne signed an agreement earlier this year to install our Enterprise Content Management platform within the Bermuda Police Services. The focus of this project within the Bermuda Police Services is to transition all paper and digital content including documents, images and video into CaelumOne starting in Q1 - Q2 2017. The system will then index all documentation and images to render the total content completely searchable. It then converts a copy of the documentation to html dramatically reducing a documents file size insuring we can open any document on any device regardless of the size of the document. The initial target of this was to support the introduction of PATI (Public Access to Information) legislation and the need to be able to search all digital cointent and confirm any data for a PATI request in accordance with the legislation and its oversight by the Information Commissioners Office of Bermuda.

The platform will also encode all CCTV camera video as well as other video sources in incident files so they can combined with published documentation and securely streamed as part of a case file as a virtual book. Using the CaelumOne ECM platform we can now provide a means to distribute the virtual books securely to other agencies within the Bermuda Government as well as globally with other Police Services.

ACT Bermuda, Tier 3 Data Center, Cloud Computing Support



December 16, 2016 Hamilton Bermuda: Axcess Canada is pleased to announce it has entered into an agreement with ACT Bermuda one of the islands premier network support companies to provide exclusive secure cloud services in their ACT OneCloud Tier 3 data centre environment located at Link Bermuda. The site is superior to any other environment on the island for cloud hosting support for several key reasons.

  • Link Bermuda is the main access paint for dark fibre entering the island insuring optimal performance.
  • ACT Bermuda has 10 service technicians with Premier status for support on VM Ware, the foundation of the CaelumOne platform.
  • ACT Bermuda together with their hardware partner HP maintain a warehouse of supplies on the island. This insures during a failure, immediate access to replacement parts and in doing so it minimizes downtime on an SLA.
  • Recent significant upgrades to their environment have insured we can completely scale our clients needs in Bermuda for additional computting power for document ingestion and additional storage as their data requirements grow.

Connor Clark & Lunn Financial Group Ltd, Commercial Loan ManagementNovember 17, 2016 Toronto, Ontario: Axcesss Canada is pleased to announce that Connor Clark & Lunn Financial Group Ltd has engaged Axcess Canada to configure a version of ARMnet to support their subsidiary MidStar Capital in funding and servicing commercial corporate loans.

Connor Clark & Lunn Financial Group Ltd provides a broad range of traditional and alternative investment products and services to individuals, advisors and institutional investors. With roots dating back to 1982, the firm has grown to become one of Canada’s largest privately owned asset management firms. Our affiliate teams collectively manage approximately $70 billion in assets from offices located in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Regina, Winnipeg, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, New York and London, England.

One Capitall MicrolendingOct 20, 2016 Mumbai India: Axcess Canada is pleased to announce that One Capitall Ltd, a publicly traded company based in Mumbai India has signed an agreement to implement ARMnet as a Microfinance Loan Management System for their customers. The product will be offered as an employee benefit with the loans serviced after funding via EFT transfers to customers accounts through payroll deduction. One Capitall Ltd is a leader in India in term loans products and is looking to expand this product line to the employer microfinance space starting in India and then expanding through MENA and Southeast Asia in the coming years.

Axcess 2015 Announcements

Refresh Financial, Credit Rebuilding Term LoansDecember 21, 2015 - Kelowna, British Columbia: Axcess Canada is pleased to announce the Canada's preeminent credit repair and savings company, Refresh Financial has chosen ARMnet as their new loan management system. In establishing credit with Refresh Financial clients complete the Refresh FIT program as a path to creating savings and rebuilding their credit. FIT (Financial Intelligence Training) helps guide people through the rebuilding process unlike any other.

CSF Receivables Management, Collection Agency , Business Process Outsourcing

April 23, 2015 - Edmonton Alberta: Axcess Canada is pleased to announce is has signed an agreement with CSF Receivables Management to create a version of ARMnet for collections and special servicing of payday loan and term loan portfolios. CSF Receivables Management is a new corporation lead by a dynamic team of people with significant experience in the space. The initial project will involve the conversion of a portfolio of 1.3 million loans acquired from the trustees for Cash Store Financial.

Axcess 2014 Announcements

Network Science LLCDecember 16, 2014-Jeddah, Saudi Arabia: Axcess Canada is pleased to announce the establishment of a channel partner relationship with Network Science LLC. Based in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Network Science LLC is a preeminent technology solution provider in the MENA region for a variety of solutions. Axcess Canada is proud toi be able to help them expand those services credibly to include a number of our products including Apprivo Mobile Solutions, ARMnet Loan Management Solutions and CaelumOne Enterprise Content Management.

Ignition IT ServicesMay 29, 2014, Hamilton, Bermuda: Axcess Canada is pleased to announce the establishment of a channel partner relationship with Paragon GRC Bermuda. Paragon GRC Bermuda was established in 1996 to focus on auditable software solutions that assist their clients in workflow process, document management and reporting. With offices in Bahamas, Bermuda, the British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, and the Channel Islands Paragon brings solid experience in supporting their clients base in governance, risk and compliance. Axcess Canada welcomes the opportunity to work closely with Paragon to extend our products and services into the Carribbean region.

CaelumOne Enterprise Content Management, Document ManagementMay 1, 2014, Toronto, Ontario: Axcess Canada is pleased to announce the launching of the new site for CaelumOne our innovative cloud based Enterprise Content Management System. The solutions name comes from the latin word Caelum which means "vault in the heavens." This solution provides several unique feautures as a solid content management system that make it exceed any traditional document management or content storage solution.

  • Intuitive conversion of documents into searchable web ready HTML files and publishes them in one step.
  • Converts files into a 100% online searchable database using a powerful natural language search engine.
  • Documents retain all original formatting and are viewable with any browser
  • Works on any operating system (Windows, Linux, iOS, Blackberry)
  • Converts all common applications easily (Word, Excel, PDF, PPT, Visio, Open Office, Libre Office.)
  • All imbeded images are converted (BMP,PCX,GIF, JPEG,PNG, TIFF)
  • Encodes and converts all standard video files (AVI, MP3, MP4, WMA)
  • No software installation required (zero footprint)
  • No files to download on mobile devices (reduces data consumption)

For a demonstration on the power of CaelumOne please do not hesitate to contact the business development team of Axcess Canada or our reseller team. You can also email us at Caelumone.

Axcess 2013 Announcements

November 4, 2013, Toronto, ON: Axcess Canada is pleased to announce the opening of our new development office at 251 Consumers Road, Toronto, ON. This new facility will allow us to centralize our Canadian development in the Greater Toronto Area for ARMnet product configuration as well as external development of web and Smartphone applications linked to it. The team here will be working closely with our channel partners in the UK and Australia to provide global support to our clients.

August 6, 2013, Vancouver BC: Axcess Canada is pleased to announce the signing of the statement of work to create Canada's newest online installment loan provider. Scheduled to launch in the end of Q3 2013 under the URLOAN proiduct banner Credit Loans Canada promises to be one of Canada's most innovative installment loan and debt consolidation providers in years. Credit Loans Canada will support it's clients by utilizing our state of the art hosted cloud solution to origoinate and service their client base. For further product information go to Credit Loans Canada.

March 30, 2013 Bicester, UK: Axcess Canada together with our strategic partner iState Systems are plased to announce the creation of a new mobile platform for Inventive Finance a division of Dollar Financial Group. The appliucation will be linked to ARMnet Financial Product Management to allow us to auto originate loans to clients and fund them to their debit card. The application will initially launch on iPhone and Android OS and then be migrated to Blaclkberry 10 and Windows 10 OS as demand dictates.

Subprime Mobile Loans, Line of Credit Loans


Axcess 2012 Announcements

Axcess Mobile Loan and Banking Application, Mobile Mortgage applications

iPhone & Android Mobility Applications, Mobile Mortgage App, Mobile Deposit App, mobile payday loan applicationJanuary 30, 2012, Stratford, ON: Axcess Canada is pleased to announce we are launching a new flexibile mobile Smartphone solution that will extend the flexibility of ARMnet Financial Product Management Solution to now allow origination and servicing of any number financial products directly from a Smartphone device including payday or microfinance loans, term loans, mortgages, or deposit products.

The framework of the solution we have developed is extremely flexible in design allowing us to mirror client needs in product development and graphical create any look or feel desired. Launched initially on the iPhone this week, we will follow with Android by the end of March 2012 and Blackberry shortly thereafter.

We believe our Axcess Mobile solution will offer our Axcess clients and their mobile customer base unprecedented access to account data and the flexibility unlike any other.

For more information or a demonstration please contact +1(888)883-2852 Extension 401 or by email at mobile.

Click Here For More Information on the Axcess Mobile Software Solutions

Pepper Home Loans, Mortgage Servicing, ARMnetJanuary 6, 2011, Sydney Australia: Pepper Australia Pty Ltd, a leading residential loan servicer in Australia has just been rated Strong by Standard & Poors to reflect their skills in nonconforming and subprime loans. Pepper Australia Pty Ltd was incorporated in Australia in August 2000 as a limited liability company. With a head office based in Sydney, and additional offices in Melbourne, Perth, and Brisbane Pepper provides solid support nationally to it's clients. Pepper holds an Australian Financial Services Licence and an Australian Credit Licence.

Pepper Australia Pty Ltd is a specialty mortgage finance company that provides home loans to consumers who fall outside the traditional lending criteria of bank and nonbank lenders. In particular, Pepper advances residential mortgage loans to borrowers who are self-employed or who use nontraditional documentation to verify their income, borrowers who have had prior episodes of credit impairment, and other borrowers who may not meet the requirements of traditional lenders. Pepper relies heavily on ARMnet Financial Product Management Software to support their clients needs.

Utilizing an extensive distribution network of mortgage brokers and financial planners to assist in growing their business across Australia. Pepper forms part of the Pepper Australia Group of companies that trade under the name Pepper HomeLoans.

Click Here For More Information on the Standard & Poors full report on Pepper Home Loans

Axcess Completes Latest CMHC and Genworth Financial Mortgage Insurance Interface Requirements Becoming The First Mortgage Origination Software Vendor In Canada To Achieve This.

Mortgage Administration, Loan Servicing Software, Payday Loan SoftwareJuly 18, 2010, Toronto, ON: Axcess Canada together with members of our global development team at Axcess Consulting Pty Ltd are pleased to announce that our ARMnet Financial Software has completed interfacing requirements for the latest Mortgage Insurance webservices interfaces with Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation(CMHC) and Genworth Financial Canada.

ARMnet Financial Software is now the first mortgage origination software solution in Canada to be using the latest ingestion methodologies for applications received through Filogix, and Mortgage Insurance validation through CMHC and Genworth for our clients. This will dramatically automate the ingestion and response process insuring ARMnet clients will be industry leaders in client and broker response times. As a result our Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) is now an even more compelling software soluttion for Financial Institutions to consider than any other solution currently in the Canadian marketplace.

For further information or a demonstration on how the ARMnet Integrated Financial Product Management Software can support your loan or mortgage origination and servicing needs please contact us today at 1-705-719-5660 or online at ARMnet Sales.

Axcess Completes Latest Davis & Henderson® Filogix Expert Interface Requirements Becoming The First Mortgage Origination Software Vendor In Canada To Achieve This.

Mortgage Administration, Loan Servicing Software, Payday Loan SoftwareMay 29, 2010, Toronto, ON: Axcess Canada together with members of our global development team at Axcess Consulting Pty Ltd are pleased to announce that our ARMnet Financial Software has completed interfacing requirements with the latest interface for Filogix Expert recently released January 2010. ARMnet Financial Software is now the first mortgage origination software solution in Canada to be using the latest ingestion methodologies for applications received through Filogix for our clients.

The changes to this interface substantially increased the volume and quality of data received by the financial institution on an application thereby improving their underwriting abilities on new mortgage deals. ARMnet has now automated the process of ingesting the mortgage data received from Filogix Expert, pulling and properly ingesting all data required from Equifax and/or Trans Union and pushing the data to CMHC or Genworth depending on the funder's requirements to obtain an Mortgage Insurance response. The underwriter is now presented with a complete application for approval insuring SLA agreements requirement exceed expectations in the processing of an application.

The improved ROI in mortgage origination that can be achieved by ARMnet Integrated Financial Software automating workflow capabilities will bring about the dawn of a new era in the Canadian mortgage origination marketplace. ARMnet Integrated Financial Product Management Software is clearly focussed on assisting institutions in reducing Mortgage Origination and Servicing costs and improving response times to meet the Service Oriented Architecture needs to todays mortgage clients.

For further information or a demonstration of the ARMnet Integrated Financial Product Management Software please contact us today at +1(888)883-2852 Extension 401 or online at ARMnet Sales.

Standard & Poor's Rates AMAL Asset Management

AMAL Asset Management, Business Process Outsourcing, Business process Management, Commercial Mortgage ServicingJan 07, 2010, Sydney Australia: AMAL Asset Management, a key Business Process Outsourcing client of Axcess has recently conducted an audit of its internal policy and procedures utilizing the services of Ernst & Young. Part of this audit was also a complete review of their Axcess Relationship Management (ARMnet) solution its security and control methodology within the system in servicing loan products and also managing documents associated with these loans from within ARMnet Financial Software.

After conducting the review Standard and Poor’s Ratings Services (S&P) has affirmed its ABOVE AVERAGE servicer rating of AMAL Asset Management Limited (AMAL). Click Here For More Information

Axcess Canada To Launch Creditor Insurance Products Developed By Reinsurance Management Associates

Reinsurance Management Associates, Creditor Insurance ProductsJanuary 04, 2010 Toronto, Ontario: Axcess Canada is pleased to announce a strategic marketing partnership with Reinsurance Management Associates (RMA) (, one of Canada’s leading creditor insurance product design and administration firms and RTM Benefit Partners a consulting firm specializing in business development in the Creditor Insurance and Life & Health Insurance space.

RMA specializes in portfolio management of creditor insurance policies. They offer administration, marketing and actuarial services, with expertise in a variety of risk classes, including life, disability, critical illness and unemployment benefits covering mortgage and automobile loans.

Together with their underwriters and the team at Axcess Canada, our focus in creating this partnership is to bring sound creditor product solutions to the financial marketplace that is easily adjudicated in the ARMnet system and require minimal underwriting to gain approval, policy generation and manage billing and commission payment.

The following products are being offered and accessible through this program:

  1. Creditor Life Insurance
  2. Creditor Disability Insurance
  3. Creditor Critical Illness
  4. Involuntary Unemployment Insurance

Click Here For More Information

Axcess 2009 Announcements

Axcess Canada Forms a Strategic Alliance with Perception Web Development

Perception Web Development, Virtual Banking Software SolutionsNovember 23, 2009, Toronto, Ontario: Axcess Canada is pleased to announce we have formed a strategic alliance with Perception Web Development. Perception has significant experience in web development for over 50 Credit Unions in Canada. Their existing solutions provide a solid platform for Credit union members to be able to access and update existing member information and apply for new products. By integrating the web based portal solutions of Perception with the ARMnet CRM-LOS provided by Axcess Canada, together we can now provide members with a truly integrated solution for managing core member information data (CIF) as well as originating lending products including mortgages, personal loans, lines of credit in a truly seamless manner that insures the members of a Credit Union get the most responsive timelines to their needs in the industry. Click Here For More Information

ARMnet Financial Product Management Global Image Launch for Windows 7 Operating System

Mortgage Administration Software, Payday Loans Software, Loan Servicing SoftwareJuly 5, 2009, Toronto, Ontario: Axcess Canada ( is pleased to announce the release of the newest version of our software solution developed on the latest Microsoft .NET framework. It is also completely enabled to run and be compatible with Windows 7, Microsoft's newest operating system.

In launching this new and improved version we have changed the name of our solution to ARMNET Integrated Financial Management Software. The ARMNET name comes from combining the original ARM product name which is short for "Axcess Relationship Manager", with the power of the Microsoft's .NET framework to form the product name ARMNET. The solution provides users with an unparalleled customer relationship management experience on the latest software technology solutions. Click Here For More Information

MoneyIQ Canada Announces Launch of National Cash and Cash Nation Payday Loan Providers

National Cash, Payday Loans, Cash AdvanceJune 22, 2009 Stratford, Ontario: MoneyIQ Canada ( together with the support of their strategic partners Axcess Canada (,  Savvis Data Centres ( and Silver Barrel Solutions ( are pleased to announce the launch of two additional Internet based Payday Loan clients:

Cash Nation, Payday Loans, Cash Advance LoansWith the recent legislative changes in different provincial jurisdictions across Canada with respect to tighter Payday Loan regulations on fees and services provided in this industry it became even more important to be working with a solution that has the ability to respond to changes quickly. Using ARMnet, MoneyIQ has created a solid structure to meet these rigorous compliance requirements and insure its current and future clients are able to adapt to these changes easily. Click Here For More Information

Axcess 2008 Announcements

Axcess Canada Announces MoneyIQ Canada Official Web Launch

Money IQ, Business process Outsourcing, Mortgage Origination, Mortgage Servicing, Payday Loan Administration SoftwareOctober 6, 2008 Stratford, Ontario: Axcess Canada ( and Encotech Corporation Ltd. (2087397 Ontario Inc.) are pleased to announce the launch of the new web site component of MoneyIQ, Canada's newest and most flexible Business Process Outsourcing solution provider. The site can be viewed at Money IQ will provide product and service support to firms who provide:

  • Equipment, “Yellow Iron” or Vehicle Financing or Leasing Firms
  • Dealer Financing Institutions
  • White Label Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Firms
  • Residential or Commercial Mortgage Origination and Servicing Firms
  • Payday Lending Firms

Click Here For More Information

Axcess Canada Strategic Partnership Announcement with Silver Barrel Solutions

Graphic Design, Web Development, Silver Barrel SolutionsSeptember 17, 2008 Victoria, British Columbia: Axcess Canada is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Silver Barrel Solutions (, a graphic design and web development firm based in Victoria, BC. Silver Barrel's capability to produce world class print and web design that is truly innovative for a large number of Canadian companies was a key driver in their selection. Click Here For More Information

Axcess Canada Strategic Partnership Announcement with KinEssor

KinEssor, Business Analysts, Financial AnalystsSeptember 8, 2008 Montreal, Quebec: In striving to guarantee proper support of our implementation methodology, and insure Axcess Canada is completely scalable with respect to any current or potential future client project requirements corporately we began searching for a strategic partner with Business Analyst expertise in the Canadian and global financial sectors in both banking and insurance spaces. Click Here For More Information

Axcess Canada Announces Licencing Agreement with Money IQ Business Process Outsourcing Firm

MoneyIQ, Business Process Outsourcing, Business process ManagementJune 25, 2008 Stratford, Ontario: Axcess Canada is pleased to announce the signing of a new contract with Encotech Corporation Ltd. (2087397 Ontario Inc.), of Stratford, Ontario to implement its ARMnet Integrated Financial Product
Management Solution. Encotech is the parent of a new lending origination and
servicing platform about to be launched here in Canada under the brand name of
MoneyIQ. MoneyIQ will be offering a state of the art loan and mortgage administration and servicing platform to administrators and private investors looking to have their mortgage portfolios properly serviced according to the new guidelines brought down by the Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO) effective July 1, 2008. Further information in respect to the changes in legislation for Mortgage Administrators in the province of Ontario can be found at Click Here For More Information

Axcess 2007 Announcements


Axcess Canada, Mortgage Origination, Mortgage Administration SoftwareSeptember 25, 2007, Toronto, Ontario: Axcess Consulting, together with their Canadian partner Axcess Canada are pleased to announce their official launch here to support the Canadian customer base nationally. Click Here For More Information

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