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So What Exactly Makes This Integrated Financial Product Software For Loans, Mortgages and Wealth Management Products Superior?

Virtual Banking Software, Online Payday Lending Software, Online Cash Advance Software, Mobile Mortgage BrokersCreated in a completely customer centric environment, ARMnet (Axcess Relationship Management) Integrated Banking Software is a fully integrated, workflow based, financial product management solution. The platform is designed to provide complete end to end financial product management. Whether it be deposit or wealth management, loan or mortgage origination (LOS), or loan servicing ARMnet Integrated Financial Product Management Solutions can address any type of Retail, Commercial or Agricultural loan, mortgage, investment or deposit management need.

Built around a core Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, this component of the ARMnet Integrated Banking & Financial Product Management Solution provides a central repository for all of your business contact information, as well as electronic communications and documentation which in turn enables you and your staff to leverage off this information in many ways. The result is a true Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) that provides unprecedented Business Process Management (BPM) in a truly customer centric environment.

ARMnet Integrated Banking Software provides security and control over all operators including queuing and task management. Furthermore, ARMnet Integrated Banking Software acts as your centralized electronic filing cabinet for document storage and retrieval as well as image storage and management. ARMnet Integrated Banking Software also has the flexibility to allow the user to create “template” documents in Microsoft Word which may include marketing documents, letters of offer, contracts and legal documents, all of which can be maintained and managed by the user organisation.

And of course, no solution such as this would be complete without a comprehensive report generation interface. ARMnet Integrated Banking Software allows you to create customized internal reports as well as export data to external reporting tools such as Crystal Reports in an easy manner. This allows you to choose what manner works best for your business needs.

The system is written on the latest Microsoft .NET framework technology and is also LIXI compliant. This allows for complete integration with any third party database solutionto further streamline your administrative tasks and reduce process costs.

ARMnet Integrated Banking Software is also a unique solution that can be best described technologically as a “Microsoft Smart Client” allowing it to work online or offline in an extremely secure manner.

With ARMnet Integrated Banking Software you can take control of the solution and implement your business practices and policies within its powerful structure, to realise the perfect tailor-made system for you.

The administration interface enables someone with Business Analyst type skills to configure and maintain ARMnet Integrated Banking Software, effectively providing complete end user control over the system. Further to this the CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) base includes templates to cover the most common financial services. This provides the framework for any financial institution to implement their own origination and servicing business system. With ARMnet Integrated Banking Software you can re-evaluate and improve your processes, and build meaningful workflow into your business environment in real time.

ARMnet Integrated Financial Product Management Solution features include:

  • Core Customer Relationship Management (CRM) functionality
    • Core Contact Data Links To Multiple Financial Products Eliminating Rekeying Redundant Data
  • Templates for:
    • Members or Clients
    • Mortgage Loans (Commercial, Agricultural and Residential)
    • Investments
    • Term Deposits
    • Leasing
    • Personal Loans
    • Managed Funds
  • Workflow Management and Automation Capability Catering To:
    • Multiple Branching (As Many “Yes” & “No” Decisioning Paths As You Like)
    • Flexible Rules Based Decisioning
    • Multijurisdictional Capabilities Including Currency Tracking For Hedging

ARMnet Integrated Banking Software technology can be used throughout the origination and servicing process across all lines of financial services products, including but not exclusive too:

  • Prime or Sub-Prime Mortgages or Loans including
    • Residential Mortgage Products
    • Commercial Mortgage Products
    • Variable Rate Mortgage Products
    • Construction Financing Mortgage Products
    • Agricultural Loan Products
    • Home Equity Lines of Credit (HELOC)
    • Secured and Unsecured Lines of Credit
    • Bridge Financing Loan Products
    • Consumer Loan Products
    • RRSP Saving Loan Products
    • Government or Student Loan Products
    • One Account Loan Products
  • Payday Loans or Cash Advance Loans
  • Lifestyle Loans
  • Open or Closed Loop Debit or Credit Cards (Including Prepaid MasterCard® or Visa®),
  • Auto or Equipment Loans or Leases,
  • Peer 2 Peer Lending Solutions
  • Investment or Wealth Management Products (Both RRSP and Non Registered)
  • Creditor Insurance Products Including:
    • Creditor Life Insurance
    • Creditor Critical Illness Insurance
    • Creditor Disability Insurance
    • Creditor Interruption Unemployment Insurance
  • VersusTheft Idenity Theft & Creditor Protection

It also automates critical decisions, such as pre-qualification processes, underwriting, pricing, deal structuring, cross-selling, best execution practices, credit scoring, risk grading and compliance procedures.

For further information or a full demonstration contact us today at 1-888-883-2852 Extension 401 or online at ARMnet Sales.

ARMnet Financial Product Management Solutions –
“The Next Step in Customer Relationship Management Solutions for the Financial and Insurance Sectors .”

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