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Introducing Axcess Canada's Apprivo Mobile Softawre Platform. The Most Intuitive Mobile Application for the Global Financial Services Market

Extending The Strengths Of ARMnet Financial Product Management to the Mobile Tablet and SmartPhone Space through Apprivo Mobile

Apprivo Mobility Solutions, Axcess Canada Mobility SolutionsIn looking for ways to bring the products originated and serviced within ARMnet to the end user in an intuitive way Axcess Canada has been focusing on new ways to extend the capabilities we offer to our customers and their clients. To do this together with our mobility development team at iState Systems we created Apprivo Mobile, a new product division of Axcess Canada focussing on providing mobile software technology solutions to our customers globally.

Whether you are applying for products or managing accounts Apprivo Mobile's Smartphone Platform literally transforms how your customers do both.

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How Apprivo Mobile Works

Apprivo Mobile is a fully customisable platform solution for use by banks, Credit Unions andAxcess Mobility Application, Mobile Financial Platform, Mobile Mortgage Application other subprime lenders operating on a multi sales-channel model.

Apprivo Mobile has reinvented the processes of initiating, progressing and managing product applications from customers through our Smartphone platform.

Apprivo Mobile can be fully branded and customised as a part of any financial institutions core customer offering, Apprivo Mobile provides a cross-platform connectivity, melding together customer, financial intermediary, call-centre, branch and web with seamless, synchronised access via Smartphone or Tablet.

From the Customer's View

Apprivo Mobile can provide a customer looking for a loan, mortgage or deposit product with:

  • Convenient and involvement-maintaining access to live account status information relating to any financial product applications they have in progress;
  • It prompts the user to validate tasks and action items required of them to progress the financial application;
  • Apprivo Mobile provides the customer with the ability to provide critical missing data and forward it directly into the system to keep the process moving;
  • Apprivo Mobile provides full communication and process history to the user for documents, emails, To Do tasks and telephone logs;
  • Based on user profiles cross selling opportunities for additional financial products relevant to their situation can be extended directly to the customer.

From the Financial Institution's View

  • Apprivo Mobile cuts out layers of application processing, data entry and costly and Mobile Mortgage Application, Mobile Loan Application, Mobile Financial Applicationtime consuming tasks through sending and receiving of forms;
  • It helps to maintain customer engagement in the application process and monitors their satisfaction, in doing so aids in improving completion rates, by reducing the application timeline;
  • Apprivo Mobile can provide a fully flexible and finely targeted cross selling solution, enabling the financial institution to place the opportunity to apply for further relevant products just "one click away".

Axcess Mobile Software and your Existing Technology

  • The Apprivo Mobile financial product management platform by Axcess Canada is a thin-client solution which uses the clients systems to provide and process data. Axcess Mobile is designed to not only work with ARMnet; it can also be used with existing core banking solutions and origination platforms.
  • The intuitive nature of the Apprivo Mobile's Smartphone application adds convenience, efficiency and customer value to any financial institution's product offering without interfering with existing systems.
  • Anything that is not already handled by your current infrastructure but is required to gain full benefit from Axcess Mobile is developed for you as part of the Smartphone platform product customization.
  • Apprivo Mobile can capture the full power of a consumer Smartphone engagement, using it to transform the speed, efficiency and ease of use so your customers, channel partners (i.e. mortgage brokers, financial planners) and your financial institution are able to securely connect; process and approve applications for new accounts.

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For more information or a demonstration please contact +1(888)883-2852 Extension 401 or by email at ARMnet Sales.

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