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Introducing CaelumOne Enterprise Content Management Solution, The Most Intuitive Application for Managing and Publishing Documentation, Images an Media Content Globally.

Extending The Strengths Of Axcess Canada to the Document Management and Enterprise Content Management Space Through our CaelumOne ECM Solution.

Apprivo Mobility Solutions, Axcess Canada Mobility SolutionsIn looking for ways to bring the products originated and serviced within ARMnet to the end user in an intuitive way Axcess Canada has been focusing on new ways to extend the capabilities we offer to our customers and their clients to manage the documentation generated in the financial services space. To do this we created CaelumOne Enterprise Content Management Solution, a new product division of Axcess Canada focussing on providing cloud based data capture and document management solutions to our customers globally.

Is Document Chaos Plaguing Your Business?

CaelumOne Enterprise Content Management Solution can easily enable your business for the future.

If document chaos is plaguing your business, you're not alone. While there are many content management and cloud based storage providers out there, only CaelumOne Enterprise Content Management Solution offers you intuitive features and sharing controls that are easy to use and work they way you do.

That's because CaelumOne Enterprise Content Management Solution seamlessly integrates with any device on any web browser, and it has a user interface that is simple to learn and use. It supports HTML5 conversion of all common file types and uses standard user commands that can be mastered with little to no training. Users simply drag and drop files into the system... it's just that easy.

But don't let the simplicity fool you. CaelumOne Enterprise Content Management Solution delivers a significant number of robust features, including rapid natural search with simple keywords, version control, secure folder permissions and fully searchable content browsing. Also key is the fact it is location independent, giving both on-site and off-site users the same rapid access to documents via CaelumOne Enterprise Content Management Solution powerful web interface hosted at Agilis Networks Canadian Tier 3 data centre. CaelumOne Enterprise Content Management Solution has taken the complexity out of managing, finding and tracking your documents in a manner that is unparalleled in the industry.

How CaelumOne Enterprise Content Management Solution Works

  • Intuitive conversion of of origoinal documents into searchable HTML files.
  • Documents retain all original formatting upon ingestion and are viewable with any browser on any device achieving BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) capability.
  • Works on any operating system (Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, Blackberry)
  • Converts all ingested files into a 100% searchable online database using our powerful multilingual natural language search engine
  • Drag and drop ease of use allows users to easily drop files on to the systemn or zip up an entire server of folders, subfolders and documents and drop them into CaelumOne and it will index them and retain their folder integrity.
  • Convert all common applications easily (MS Word, Excel, PPT, Adobe PDF, WordPerfect, Libra Office, Open Office etc.)
  • All embedded images are converted (BMP, PCX, GIF, JPEG, TARGA, PNG, TIFF Etc.)
  • Enhance your documents with multimedia content, (.AVI files, MP3, MP4, WMA etc.). Link the video content to the document and launch an internal viewer to review.
  • No software installation required (zero footprint)
  • No files to download on mobile devices (reduces data consumption)
  • Ability to create secure virtual drives using a WebDAV client to create and manage documentation easily.

CaelumOne Enterprise Content Management Solution is literally set up in the blink of an eye. Simply show CaelumOne Enterprise Content Management Solution where to find your documents by dragging and dropping or emailing them directly into the system.

Document Archiving, CaelumOne Document Management

CaelumOne Enterprise Content Management Solution will not move or modify your original files. In fact complete folder directories can be zipped up and dropped in.

CaelumOne Enterprise Content Management Solution analyzes your documents as they are uploaded and converts them to HTML5 which makes them fully searchable for you on any web enabled device.

User Intuative Interface with Web Based Simplicity

Simply login to the software and then you are connected to your app based dashboard with your local document folder, as well as your shared and published folders. 

CaelumOne Document Folders

Everything is accessible from an intuitive app based landing screen. You can keep and access your documents wherever they are! The CaelumOne Enterprise Content Management Solution Cloud lets you decide selectively which of your documents you wish to share, publish and search from any device you choose.

The software also allows you to convert paper based documents into fully searchable HTML on the fly by scanning and emailing them directly into the platform.

100% Searchable Content

CaelumOne Enterprise Content Management Solution uses a powerful natural language search engine. Just type any key word into the search bar, and CaelumOne Enterprise Content Management Solution will search all of the content within the specified document, folder or the entire system including images and video content! From there, you can see the highlighted sections where the searched words are contained and the key words as highlighted in yellow to find your content in seconds. Only relevant documents related to your searches are displayed. Finding your documents has never been this quick and easy.

When documents get published we can date and time stamp them as to when they are available and too who. This eliminates sending out PDF’s and people reading the wrong version.

Document searchability, CaelumOne Document Management

We should also note that search indexing is available in multiple languages allowing us to store and search on a variety of documents in their native language. (i.e. English, French, Spanish, Punjabi, Serbian and Arabic to name a few).

Video Encoding and Streaming

CaelumOne Enterprise Content Management also allows you to upload video securely into the application. Once this is done the video is encoded. In doing so CaelumOne recognizes what the current format of the video is that you ingested and during the conversion process it also converts the video to the other two formats that are also industry standards. This insures when you click on the link to view the video on any device it recognizes and loads the version your device supports. So, whetrher you are on Windows, iOS, Android or Blackberry BB10 OS the video will operate. This provides a medium to allow us to link encoded video to published documentation and images and stream them securely to a controlled user group without using an external streaming source like Vimeo® or YouTube©. For customers in either private sector or government agencies the benefit of this cannot be overstated.

Video Encoding, Secure Video Streaming

Enterprise Grade Security

CaelumOne Enterprise Content Management Solution applies the strictest security standards and encryption technologies to ensure that your documents are safely secured offline or in the CaelumOne Enterprise Content Management Solution hosted Cloud. This includes 256-bit on the web browser with a full TLS/SSL encryption. 

In summary, we use “best-in-class” technology and security architectures to protect your documents against loss and unauthorized access.

Further to this when the solution has the ability to revoke access down to the document level not just at the folder level. The significance of this over other platforms cannot be overstated.

The word Caelum is Latin for "Vault in the Sky", a term we believe is very appropriate for the solution we have developed. Be assured with CaelumOne Enterprise Content Management Solution your documents are safe and secure in our global Tier3 data centre environment or on premise in your corporate cloud, so you can share, manage and access your content with confidence.

For more information or a demonstration please contact +1(888)883-2852 Extension 401 or by email at Caelumone.

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