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Integrating Task and Document Management Within The Software For Complete Loan, Mortgage and Lease Management

Collaboration, Task & Document Management in a Service Oriented Environment Using ARMnet Financial Software
The vision within ARMnet Integrated Banking Software is to insure complete collaboration under the Customer/Vendor environment to reduce and or eliminate the volumes of multiple email communications that are forwarded, cc’d or bcc’d, document duplication and the lack of continuity that exists in most corporate environments. Within ARMnet all email and documentation can all be stored under the customer environment with core lending, leasing wealth management or insurance data. In doing this all information is automatically indexed and key word searchable. This allows us to eliminate having information about a specific client in multiple applications (i.e. Outlook for email and tasks, SharePoint for core Word documents, lending criteria for financial products development). By having everything in one area access to data we create a very Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) for Business Process Management (BPM). We also eliminate duplication, reduce customer response time and more effectively manage content.

ARMnet Integrated Banking & Financial Product Management Software technology can be used throughout the decisioning process and across all lines of financial services products, such as:

  • Prime or Sub-Prime Mortgages or Loans,
  • "One Account" Loan Solutions,
  • Payday Loans and Cash Advances,
  • Home Equity Lines of Credit (HELOC),
  • Open or Closed Loop Debit or Credit Cards,
  • Retail, Commercial or Agricultural Loan Products
  • Auto or Equipment Loans or Leases,
  • Term or Installment Loans
  • Peer 2 Peer Loan Management

All documensts and auto generated tasks associated with these products are completely integrated. In respect to the storage of documents we can store the data directly in the SAN liked to the SQL database or we can link to an external document storage or document management facility. Regardless of which path is chosen the documents are created, accessed and viewed from directly within ARMnet.
Task Management
ARMnet Integrated Banking Software has complete task management functionality which allows the user to create task lists that are linked to employees, contacts/clients and of course products. Tasks are then created and prioritised by contact/client, start date, end date, completion date and task description. A task can be created manually or appear in the user task list as a system generated entry, triggered by workflow position or dates, document production or transaction processing.

ARMnet Integrated Banking Software links directly to Microsoft Exchange or Google Enterprise as well as other standard SMTP email clients allowing documents and/or messages to be sent to contacts/clients or other users. At any time you can transfer received emails from your Microsoft Outlook inbox and link them to a client/contact record to provide a comprehensive online history of contact with a client/contact. This then allows the data to be placed in a collaborative structure for searching and supporting customer needs. It also by default becomes a more compliant architecture for managing data through this centralization as well.

Efficient Loan Origination, Servicing & Integrated Financial Product Management Solutions for the Canadian Banking & Financial Services Sectors.

ARMnet Financial Product Management Solutions –
“Tomorrow’s Financial Product Management Solutions, Here Today.”

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