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Investment and Wealth Management Software That Takes "Know Your Client" To The Next Level

Investment Manager, A Fully Integrated Wealth Management Module for the ARMnet Suite of Canadian Banking Software

GIC, Term Deposit, wealth managementARMnet Integrated Banking & Financial Product Management Software Solution provides institutions with a comprehensive investment/deposit management functionality. Manage your investors and their accounts from initial deposit through to redemption, rollover or transfer to cash management accounts managed within the ARMnet Integrated Banking Software system.

All client information is captured within the Client Relationship module and then linked to an investment account. Customer Account information is entered on a “once only” basis and used throughout the ARMnet Integrated Banking Software. This substantially reduces setup time for new accounts and eliminates many error risks when accounts get updated.

Workflow (status)
Map all of the steps an investment account passes through when it is managed within your business (i.e. active, early redemption, matured (non-active) etc). Users can create these steps yourself using your own terminology. Users can also report at any time on investments that are in a particular status or those that have been in a particular status during a specified date period.

Use the properties of the “status” to implement your business rules and policies and trigger document production, creation of tasks for follow up, report generation or reminders.

As with loans, create your own financial products as required including but not exclusive to investments like:

- Guarenteed Investment Certificates (GIC's) - 1 through 5 Year Terms,
- Provincial or Federal Saving Bonds,
- Short Term Deposit Certificates (30,60 or 90 Day Terms)
- Mutual or Asset Allocation Funds

All of the generic rules for each product are part of a “product’s” properties. When creating a new investment account the user must choose a product from the list of those available. Once chosen the product populates the entire associated deposit/investment screens with default information.

If the user has the appropriate authority these “defaults” can be overridden at a deposit/investment account level to tailor a particular investment. Use of the product defaults cuts down on user error and prevents unauthorised use of inappropriate conditions.

Integrated compliance requirements for specific products can also be easily integrated such as Know Your Client (KYC) documents, and/or regulatory transfer documents for Registered Retirement Savings Programs (i.e. T2033 Revenue Canada Transfer Form).

For further information on Axcess Canada, the ARMnet Integrated Banking Software or to arrange a demonstration of the solution please contact us via email at ARMnet Sales or by telephone at 1-888-883-2862 Extension 401.

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