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Flexible Integrated Origination and Servicing Software To Manage Any Type of Loan, Mortgage or Lease Product

Axcess Canada TeamTogether with our global partners Axcess Consulting Pty Ltd and Axcess Americas, Axcess Canada is reshaping the future in Financial Product Management Solutions by introducing ARMnet Integrated Banking Software, a completely flexible application for Retail, Commercial & Virtual Online Banks, Trust Companies, Credit Unions, Private Equity Lending Firms, Term Loan, Payday Loan or Cash Advance Lending Firms.

The solution provides a flexible platform that focuses on the management of a wide variety of products including:

  • Deposit or Wealth Management Products
  • Loan or Mortgage Origination Products,
  • "One Account" Variable and Fixed Loan Products
  • Loan or Mortgage Administration Servicing
  • Loan Collections & Arrears Special Servicing
  • Secondary Credit Underwriting Solutions for Credit or Debit Stored Value Cards
  • Auto Origination and Transaction Management of Mobile Applications
  • Integration and Management of Tablet Based Payment Processing Solutions.
  • Secured or Unsecured Visa® or MasterCard® Products
  • Equipment or Vehicle Fleet Loan or Lease Management Solutions
  • Payday Loan or Cash Advance Loan Products
  • Installment or Term Loan Products
  • Peer 2 Peer Loan Management Solutions

Whether your firm is in the Lending, Funds Management, Insurance space or a mixture of these, ARMnet Integrated Banking Software can provide the tailored core business solution you need to efficiently and effectively manage a growing institution.

Created on a solid Customer Relationship Management (CRM) foundation ARMnet Integrated Banking & Financial Product Management Software Solution provides a solid Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) for sound Business Process Management (BPM).

Our ARMnet Banking & Financial Product Management Solution provides full support for:

Lending and Investment

  • User Defined Steps and Processes
  • Interfaces to Third Party Databases Both Internal and/or External in Nature
  • Credit Origination
  • Credit Approval
  • Workflow With Full Credit Decisioning Capabilities
  • Settlements and Disbursements
  • Full End to End Loan, Mortgage and Investment Management for Retail, Commercial or Agricultural Products and Services.
  • Deposit Management
  • Variable and Fixed Rate Interest Management
  • Principal and Interest Only Calculations
  • Contributory Mortgages
  • Full Audit Tracking
  • Commission Calculation and Tracking – Upfront and Trailer Fees

Financial Controls and Funds Management

  • Unit Trusts, Property Trusts, Debentures, Contributory Mortgages and At Call Accounts
  • Reconciliation of Loans and Deposits
  • Integration with General Ledger
  • Multiple Company Accounts
  • EFT Including Direct Debits and Credits
  • Portfolio View Corporately, by Representative or Account on Multiple Levels.
  • Securitisation Module to Create and View SPVs and Tranches
  • Monitoring Reports for Rating Agencies Requirements and Government Regulatory Needs.
  • Multijurisdictional/Multi Branch Capabilities
  • Multi Currency Tracking and Reporting For Proper Reporting and Hedging

Discharges, Securities and Insurance

  • Configurable Discharge System to Apply to Company Policy and Products
  • Future Dated Discharges
  • Full Securities Register
  • Security Packet Tracking
  • Multiple Insurance Policy and Strata Title Support Fully Integrated Into the Workflow
  • Notifications of Insurances Requirements Falling Due


  • Notification of Arrears
  • Document Generation
  • Workflow Nanagement for Loan Lifecycle Including Call Centre Support.
  • Penalty Interest Calculation

The flexibility of the workflow structure within the core lets us further apply these same rule based structures to credit information for other insurance related products or solutions as well. This extends the potential of the applications into many different fields within corporate environments that are both credit and insurance risk providers.

For further information on Axcess Canada, the ARMnet Integrated Banking Software or to arrange a demonstration of the solution please contact us via email at ARMnet Sales or by telephone at 1-888-883-2852 Extension 401.

ARMnet Financial Product Management Solutions –
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