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Utilizing ARMnet to Do Effective Business Intelligence Data Analysis

Trust ARMnet Integrated Banking Software, “out of the box” provides the user with a comprehensive suite of reports for internal management needs, Shareholder requirements, as well as Federal or Provincial regulatory requirements. The solution also contains its own editable report generation capabilities allowing users to add and expand core reporting structures to meet their reporting requirements. This allows the end users organization to take control of their own reporting requirements from within ARMnet or they can export the data easily to external reporting tools like Microsoft Excel™ Pivotal Tables or Crystal Reports™. Further enterprise reporting tools for data modelling such as SAS Business Intelligence Solutions or SQL Server Reporting Solutions can also be used with the ARMnet Integrated Financial Product Management Solution.

ARMnet Integrated Banking Software allows the user to create, store and distribute reports for management, employees, and agents as well as regulatory agencies from the same interface used to customise the Service Views. The report wizard allows us complete flexibility to create reports on any field in the database. These reports can be graphical or text based in nature and exported either manually or as part of an automated workflow process. Standard export formats include:

  • Adobe PDF
  • HTML
  • MHTML (Multi Mime HTML)
  • Microsoft Excel (XLS, XLSX)
  • Text Only
  • XML
  • Printer

Further to this the wizard can structure the reports to be anything from internal reports to statements to automated letters managed as part of the End of Day Process. This allows clients using ARMnet to either internalize and automate these processes or easily export to an external reporting toolset if desired.

For further information on the ARMnet Integrated Financial Product Management Solution or a full demonstration contact us today at 1-888-883-2852 Extension 400 or online at ARMnet Sales.

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