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Efficient Financial Product Development Solutions for Todays Institutions That Eliminate Programmer Intervention

Independence from Software Developers

ARMnet Integrated Banking Software has been designed to provide customers with software developer independence. This has been achieved by providing the tools and exposing the database to the end user organisation, and thereby enabling them to change the properties of a screen (i.e. colours, size etc), add or remove fields from the data base, add pop up warnings or include business rules, all without any programming intervention from Axcess development team members.

In doing this ARMnet Integrated Banking Software allows all of the organisation’s business policies and procedures to be easily incorporated into the system by someone with Business Analyst skills, and as such ARMnet then provides a system containing “business intelligence” that is under the complete control of the end user organisation. Any number of institutions can benefit from the ARMnet Financial Product Management Solution including:

  • Financial Business Process Management (BPM) Firms
  • Residential or Commercial Mortgage Origination and Servicing Firms
  • Payday Loan or Cash Advance Firms
  • Equipment or Vehicle Financing Firms (Loan or Leasing)
  • Dealer Financing and Fleet Management Institutions
  • Retail, Commercial or Agricultural Banking Institutions
  • de novo Banking Institutions
  • Credit Unions or Community Banking Institutions
  • Trust Companies
  • Installment or Term Loan Financial Institutions
  • Peer 2 Peer Loan Institutions

This independence is achieved through the utilisation of the latest Microsoft .NET platform, which makes ARMnet the most advanced customer centric financial product and services management tool available on the market today. Such technology also provides the opportunity for our customers to deliver the system on a wider range of devices including PC’s, PDAs and mobile phones, effectively enabling staff to take the office with them wherever they need to work.

Legacy systems rarely allow for high levels of “personalisation” that is directly under the control of the client, and there is always a need for programmer intervention whenever significant “customization” is needed. ARMnet on the other hand places almost total control in the hands of a user organisation and the Business Analyst.

This is achieved by having a “core” SQL database component, surrounded by “Service Views”, and controls that contain the necessary functionality to manage the day to day requirements of the product or service as well as the business processes of the End User Client. ARMnet Integrated Banking Software is distributed with a generic set of portfolio management views based on standard industry requirements, however ARMnet’s core contains all of the functions, calculations and tools necessary if required to modify the existing views or build new ones for a wider range of financial products. A Service View is the actual screen and data fields required to manage the business process and policies associated with any product or service offering.

A wide range of Financial Product "Service View" screens are available including:

  • Mortgage Loans,
  • Payday Loans
  • Leasing,
  • Installment or Term Loans,
  • Commercial Loans,
  • Unitised Trusts, and
  • Insurance Products
  • Deposit Taking Products

Efficient Loan Origination, Servicing & Integrated Financial Product Management Solutions for the Canadian Banking & Financial Services Sectors.

ARMnet Financial Product Management Solutions –
“Tomorrow’s Financial Product Management Solutions, Here Today.”

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