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Integrated Banking Software Support For Prepaid and Refillable Open Loop Visa® & MasterCard® Cards

ARMnet Integrates with Open Loop Providers to Bring New and Innovative Prepaid Credit and Debit Card Solutions to our Global Customers.

Since the introduction of Debit Cards in Canada acceptance by consumers as a solid alternative to other payment options has been significant. Enhancements to Stored Value Cards have more recently entered the market through the introduction of Gift and Loyalty Cards. Further enhancements here with respect to Open Loop card technology has allowed us to offer additional benefits to the financial institutions we serve and their respective customers.

Unlike the “closed loop” cards which are available in the market from merchants (Used exclusively at their locations), these "open loop" cards are accepted throughout the Interac®, Visa® and MasterCard® networks. This allows customers to use these cards at any Point of Sale (POS) or ATM in the network (that’s over 900,000+ ATMs in over 120 countries). Offering flexibility in payment processing services to individuals and businesses alike, open loop prepaid card technology enhances the relationship between the financial institution and/or the client company (the card issuer) and consumer/employee (cardholder) by providing options to those who don’t use traditional payment options.

Open Loop Prepaid Card Solutions

Stored Value or Prepaid Cards create highly reliable and scaleable solutions, enabling organizations to meet the demands of their employees, vendors and customers. These solutions are quickly becoming the choice for payments in Canada, the United States and Europe. This new open loop card technology is being applied to a wide-range of payment cards including:

  • Incentive Cards,
  • Rebate Cards,
  • Employee Payroll Cards,
  • Prepaid MasterCard® or Visa® Gift Cards
  • Prepaid Reloadable MasterCard® or Visa® Credit Cards
  • Health Spending Account Benefit Cards,
  • Teen Product or Service Cards,
  • Merchant Spending Account Cards,
  • Travel Cards,
  • Government Assistance Benefit Cards,
  • Transit Ticketing,
  • Event Ticketing.

The benefits and flexibility of these card options allow customers to access their cash immediately and use them at any ATM or POS terminal across Canada, the United States or Europe. As a result of the ease of use in these geographic areas they have provided consummers with a greater level of functionality within the card. In doing so they allow financial institutions to provide a credible payment process alternative to both commercial and retail banking clients extending the value well beyond the standard Debit card or closed loop gift or loyalty card.

The acceptance of these cards in Canada, the USA and Europe has been significant. At Axcess Canada we have answered the call by integrating with key partners that provide unprecedented options for card issuance and management in this area.

ARMnet Integrated Prepaid Debit and Credit Card Issuance Benefits

  • "Real Time Environment" that includes real time reporting, real time card issuance, and real time payments controls.
  • "Flexible Fee Administration" supporting split, variable and other fee compensation models for both the financial institution and card services. This is required for supporting channels to market and the associated reselling arbitrage.
  • "Pre-Emptive Compliance Monitoring" in which the card side solution includes regulatory compliance support in a rapidly changing environment.
  • "Unified Risk Management Solution" across both the back office account and the cards issuance and authorizations through a separate business logic layer that can be monitored and adjusted easily by a Business Analyst.
  • "Dual Issuance Outsource Platform" for the implementation of a second card issuance program by Financial Institutions that will allow them to create unique programs that offer clients alternatives to obtain both VISA® and MasterCard® from the same institution.

For further information on Axcess Canada, the ARMnet Integrated Banking Software or to arrange a demonstration of the solution please contact us via email at ARMnet Sales or by telephone at 1-888-883-2852 Extension 401.

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