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Efficient Integrated Financial Product Management Solutions for Loans, Mortgages and Lease Management Products

Why Should Your Institution Consider ARMnet to Manage Your Lending and Wealth Management Products.
To begin, ARMnet Integrated Banking Software is the most flexible Financial Product Management Solution in the world backed by an unprecedented global support team. The design of the application is perfect for a variety of financial institutions including:

  • Financial Business Process Management (BPM) Firms
  • Residential or Commercial Mortgage Origination and Servicing Firms
  • Payday Loan or Cash Advance Firms
  • Microfinance Lending Institutions
  • Equipment or Vehicle Financing Firms (Loan or Leasing)
  • Dealer Financing and Fleet Management Institutions
  • Retail, Commercial or Agricultural Banking Institutions
  • de novo Banking Institutions
  • Credit Unions or Community Banking Institutions
  • Trust Companies
  • Instanllment or Term Loan Financial Institutions
  • Peer 2 Peer Lending Institutions

The application is also designed to handle firms operating in a multi juristictional/multi branch environment. For firms that need to manage clients in multiple currencies and in some cases be able to track and hedge against certain ones ARMnet Financial Product Management Solution is the application for your institution.

Axcess Canada together with our Australian team at Axcess Consulting PTY Ltd., are focussed providing seamless global support to all our clients. Our support services solutions are focused on 3 core areas of competencies:

  1. ARMnet’s credit decisioning and servicing application requirements in a customer centric environment; 
  2. Batch data analysis tools that can be used on a predictive basis to test and report on client generated credit rules;
  3. Business Analyst professional services to assist in the creation and optimization of financial products and associated workflows.

The Custom Loan Origination, Loan Servicing and Financial Product Management Solutioon known as ARMnet Integrated Banking Software which we have described is a Smart Client Software Applicationwith six main components. The first is the customer determined decisioning rules.  These can be used for credit acceptance, as well as product and service sales.  The initial structuring of these rules can be done on a timely and cost efficient basis by a Business Analyst without the need for programmer intervention.  Once the initial rules are structured they can subsequently be modified on a user friendly basis by Business Analyst users who have received core training. 

The second component of ARMnet Integrated Banking Software is its ability to interface with external third party databases or North American data suppliers including Credit and Insurance Bureaus (i.e. Equifax, Trans Union, CMHC, Genworth),  which can be used in real time in conjunction with the previously determined decisioning rules.

The third component of ARMnet Integrated Banking Software is an electronic Credit Application Processing front end which enables client or member credit application data to be electronically entered and processed.

The fourth component of ARMnet Integrated Banking Software is Workflow Management application which can be used to automatically route non-routine applications to specific workgroups for special handling.

The fifth component of ARMnet Integrated Banking Software is its customer centric environment. Constructed around a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) core this application that is completely integrated with Microsoft Office allows the user to store documents and electronic email in the same space as origination and servicing data. This creates a more effective structure for researching and responding to customer issues.

With the sixth component of ARMnet Integrated Banking Software, information is shared through your entire company seamlessly. We have created for many of our clients a complete virtual environment for many of our clients completely integrating Microsoft Office and related applications. Users log into the system and are presented with a complete desktop solution. All data for each user is securely stored on our servers at Fusepoint eliminating the risks associated with managing applications on multiple desktops. This also insures all data is properly stored, backed up and protected from virus or spyware risks. Users can access data locally or remotely through a simple remote desktop login connection. To do this all that is required is a simple Internet connection.

ARMnet Integrated Banking Software's second product offering its ability to flexibly create industry specific batch data analysis reports that can be used for retrogressive analysis and on a predictive basis to test client generated rules for new products being reviewed for launch or updates to existing credit criteria.  The retrogressive analysis allows clients to conduct “what if” analysis of their previous decisioning strategies to reduce losses and increase profitability using Business Analyst expertise and eliminating any programmer intervention.   The predictive modeling application of this product can be used to do customer segmentation and profitability analysis.  An example of this is an mortgage client could use this product to analyze loss results by each individual broker’s client base to improve underwriting standards and broker profitability.  Other uses of the predictive modeling application are for customized customer behavior and fraud models also exist in numerous formats.

ARMnet Integrated Banking Software's third product offering for institutions is high quality Professional Services. This includes the import of credit and personal information form customization, application integration, business process consulting, data analysis, and predictive analytics, customized customer behavior and fraud models. This can be done using our key Business Analyst relationships established within Axcess Canada to provide support on managing and improving the overall profitability of a book of business. All areas of the application when tied to a competent CRM structure as is the case with ARMnet Integrated Banking Software can achieve unprecedented success in managing customer credit issues and also managing overall portfolios on an ongoing basis. The ROI of integrating such a solution and tying proper Business Analysis rules to it properly are obviously significant in both the lending and insurance sectors.

For further information on Axcess Canada, the ARMnet Integrated Banking Software or to arrange a demonstration of the solution please contact us via email at ARMnet Sales or by telephone at 1-888-883-2852 Extension 401.

ARMnet Financial Product Management Solutions –
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