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About Axcess Canada and Our Business Analyst Team

Axcess Canada was established and officially launched in September 2007 as the Canadian Distributor of ARMnet Integrated Banking & Financial Product Management Software Solutions. Since that launch we have now expanded to support clients in the UK, Europe and across North America.

We provide complete software support for our global customers in many financial services sectors using ARMnet, CaelumOne Enterprise Content Management and our ancillary mobile based support tools to assist in product creation and/or optimization due to market or regulatory changes. This applications support a variety of financial and commercial institutions including:

  • Financial Business Process Management (BPM) Firms
  • Residential or Commercial Mortgage Origination and Servicing Firms
  • Payday Loan or Microfinance Firms
  • Equipment or Vehicle Financing Firms (Loan or Leasing)
  • Dealer Financing and Fleet Management Institutions
  • Retail, Commercial or Agricultural Banking Institutions
  • de novo Banking Institutions
  • Credit Unions or Community Banking Institutions
  • Trust Companies
  • Peer 2 Peer Banking Institutions
  • Apprivo Mobility Solutions
    • Mobile Loan Origination Solutions
    • Mobile Loan Servicing Solutions
    • Virtual Prepaid Banking Solutions
  • CaelumOne Enterprise Content Management Solution
    • Platform, browser & device agnostic HTML 5 framework.
    • Works on any operating system (Windows, Linux, iOS, Blackberry, Android)
    • Documents ingested retain all original formatting including Headers & Footers.
    • Intuitive conversion of documents into searchable HTML files to reduce file size for publishing.
    • Converts all common applications easily (Word©, Excel©, PDF©, Visio©, PowerPoint©, Open Office©, Libre Office©.)
    • Index & convert common images (JPEG, BMP, TIFF, GIF, Targa)
    • Encodes all video and audio content to play on any OS on any device(WMA, MP4, AAC) through a secure internal viewer.
    • No software installation required (zero footprint)
    • No files to download on mobile devices as you can access in HTML(reduces data consumption)

Whether you are looking for a loan or wealth managemnet solution for the issuance and management of lending or deposit taking products, or risk decisioning solutions for the insurance sector ARMnet Integrated Financial Product Management Solutions can meet your needs. Together with our international team partner Axcess Consulting Pty Ltd in Australia we provide seamless global support to all of our clients.

Mobility and Enterprise Content Management Extensions

To further expand the capabilities of the ARMnet Integrated Financial Product Management Solution, Axcess Canada has also internally developed mobile solutions with our joint venture partners at iState Systems, that allow us to extend functionality directly to the client either through ARMnet or through direct connections to existing core financial systems with mobile smartphone or tablet solutions. These include but are not exclusive too:

  • Mobile smartphone technology that allows us to apply for reloans update balances, fund applications to a prepaid debit or credit card and communicate directly with the financial institution's call centre.
  • A Collections and Servicing Application that allows institutions to connect with clients to validate and remind them on payments upcoming and negotaite promises to pay if the client requires an extension on a payment. The objective here is to interact with bthe client through the entire lifecycle of the process and be proactive with them if they are having issues versus reactive.
  • Mobile mortgage or loan broker application that allows brokers to manage their deals from their Smartphone and status update the step[s in the process to approval or renewal.
  • Tablet based solutions that allow us to directly connect retail or techniocal field representatives with ARMnet. Our solution allows us to directly interact call centre, retail and technical field support in a cohesive manner. The solution allows several key benefits to clients including:
    • Mobile payment processing by both credit or debit card
    • Full ERP capability to manage SKU product data and push the data to a contract through the internal form builder.
    • Complete scheduling through calendar appomntments linked to Google Maps to plot traffic flows throughout the day. The objective here is to make field support personel proactive in managing thier schedules and communicating with clients.
  • CaelumOne Enterprise Content Management Solution allows our clients to ingest all documents into this cloud based environment that indexes everything on entry rendering all data completely searchable without any manual meta-tagging. It also converts the documents to HTML reducing the size oif the data by 300-400 times. We can then publish the documents to the web enabling us to open and review any document on any device regardless of its size or file type.

For more information on our Smartphone Mobility Solutions download the Axcess Mobile Application Product Brochure here.

For more information on our CaelumOne Enterprise Content Management and Document Management Solution download the CaelumOne Enterprise Content Management (ECM)Product Brochure here.

Axcess Canada Business Analytics

In conjunction with the ARMnet Integrated Banking Software application Axcess Canada has brought together a team of business professionals including:

  • Business Analysts specializing in the loan origination, loan servicing and risk decisioning underwriting environments with solid industry experience in both the banking and property & casualty insurance sectors. They will define all workflow mapping criteria and form creation structure to meet your needs.

  • Our implementation team has over 10 years experience in network architecture installations in a variety of OS environments. The team not only specializes in secure implementations, they also provide business continuity consulting services. Our implementation specialists have worked on implementations in the Retail Banking, Virtual Banking and Mobility Application Development and have solid experience in establishing and maintaining secure network environments for Financial Services Products.

  • Our training and project management team members have 15+ years of experience in both areas managing large implementations and training criteria for a number of Fortune 500 companies. Their sound business acumen ensures your implementation of ARMnet Integrated Banking Software is launched on time, on budget, and the transition with your staff is properly managed in a positive environment.

  • After sales technical support will be managed through our online help desk as well as our on site support team members.

For further information or a full demonstration on any of our products or services please contact us today at 1-888-883-2852 Extension 401 or online at ARMnet Sales.

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Axcess Canada, ARMnet Business Analysts
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